CUDA puts a library in a national school. Our team works with teachers, kids, and parents to create a love for reading. The result: communities are transformed—one story at a time.

The Library

Donations to CUDA provide books and materials to implement a library in a public school. The school provides the space and volunteers work with our team to paint walls, tables, chairs, and bookshelves. 

The process

Over the course of three years, CUDA’s Living Libraries team partners with Peruvian teachers to develop a reading program for the school. We work with kids, teachers, principals, and parents to teach new reading strategies.

The teachers

While our goal is to give kids better opportunities through education, the avenue for doing that long-term and sustainably is to work with teachers. Living Libraries gives teachers continuing education in reading strategies, ethics, and health to equip them to bless kids for the future.

The kids

Our vision of justice, wellbeing, and joy in the city is fleshed out when kids start to connect the dots from reading, to understanding what they are reading, to the rest of their education. Words on a page become living reality when a kid picks up a book and starts to read.