Sustainable, high-impact, long-term development involves:

(1) Being learners first.
(2) Forming relationships with the people we serve.
(3) Working with and empowering community members.
(4) Employing available local resources and appropriate external resources.
(5) Serving the whole person.

We value


As a Christian organization, CUDA strives to imitate the love and service of Jesus. His vision of good news to the poor and his humble, relational style frame our work. CUDA projects are no-strings-attached, but field workers share their faith openly, and all clients are aware of what motivates us. 


Because we see the person as an integrated whole, CUDA promotes total wellbeing. While it is impossible to be comprehensive, CUDA projects aim at addressing multiple factors in human development and quality-of-life.


The poor have their own resources and abilities. CUDA seeks to collaborate with the poor in ways that respect and unlock their potential.


The simple need for funds in order to carry out projects can often create dependency in development work. CUDA is committed to managing assets and projects in ways that promote independence and sustainability. We want our work to continue as long at it is beneficial, and we want development to continue in our absence whenever possible.